1. General description

HiConnect is a web portal (hiconnect.hiab.com) for Hiab customers to access data and insights related to their connected assets, allowing to enhance productivity, efficiency and safety of their business and the connected Hiab assets. With the support of HiConnect portal, users can monitor their assets, plan service more effectively, and improve the operation of each asset and operator. Access to the service is free-of-charge. The amount of features and historical data accessible by users depends on the subscription level of each asset. Further limitations and/or restrictions regarding the access, features and available data may appear and be included at any time at Hiab’s sole discretion. Some features are available free-of-charge for all assets.

2. Features of HiConnect

2.1 Customer accounts, users and assets management

Customer user accounts are managed by Hiab and created upon customer’s request. After completing the registration, an email is sent to the user so the user can set his/her own password. Each user is linked to a unique customer account and to the assets linked to that same customer account. The management of the pairing between customer accounts and users and assets is done by Hiab. Hiab reserves the right to reject requests to pair any customer accounts or users or assets when it cannot validate the authenticity of such pairing.

Customer’s and its users’ use of and access to the HiConnect service is subject to and governed by the HiConnect Terms & Conditions, HiConnect Terms of Use, and the Hiab Privacy Policy (collectively the “Conditions”), available through hiconnect.hiab.com. The Conditions and this Service Description may be updated or modified from time to time by Hiab.

2.2 User authentication

After setting his/her own password, the user can login to hiconnect.hiab.com using the email address provided for the user creation and the password set by the user. Hiab may use a third-party Identity Authentication Management (IAM) system and, therefore, login authentication may occur outside hiconnect.hiab.com.

2.3 Sections
2.3.1. Overview / Homepage (https://hiconnect.hiab.com/app)

The overview section acts as the portal homepage and is mainly used to get an overview of the current situation. The user can see how many assets with Service Overdue, current Notifications and a list with the latest messages across the whole fleet. The user can view the complete fleet regardless of the subscription status of each asset.

2.3.2. Service (https://hiconnect.hiab.com/app/service)

In the Service section the user can check all upcoming service needs, split by overdue (service date in the past) and Upcoming (service date in the future). This section also contains a separate page with a list of all services done on the connected assets. The level of information is variable, depending on who carried out the service job, and can only be displayed if the asset was serviced by a certified Hiab Service agent.

2.3.3. Notifications (https://hiconnect.hiab.com/app/notifications)

In the Notifications section the user can access alert messages triggered mostly by incorrect or inefficient use of the connected assets. This typically means a situation in which the operator’s safety was perceived to be at risk or that led to a loss of operational efficiency. It is also possible to subscribe to the notifications, which will send a notification to the user when an alert is triggered.

2.3.4. Operation (https://hiconnect.hiab.com/app/operation)

In the Operation section the user can analyse the asset performance indicators, such as number of cycles, operation time, lift capacity used, driving time, driving distance, and more. The user can also analyse the evolution of the indicators in graphs, view the location of the assets on the map and on the Visits view of the fleet (which includes an algorithm to identify work related stops and performance indicators aggregated on these work visits).

2.3.5. Reports (https://hiconnect.hiab.com/app/reports)

In the Reports section the user can view, export and subscribe to fleet reports, which will send the reports to the user on a regular basis.

2.3.6. Assets (https://hiconnect.hiab.com/app/assets)

In the Assets section the user can view the complete fleet, its location on the map and last communication regardless of the subscription status of each asset.

2.4 Other features
2.4.1. My account

In My account the user can customize its general information and notification settings. Changes done here apply to each user individually.

2.4.2. Company settings

In Company settings the users can manage general information about the customer account and manage its default settings: notification settings, asset metadata, asset groups, and configure visual indicators for the various performance indicators. Editing company settings is restricted to users with company admin rights (users with “view-only” permission are not allowed to do so). Note: all users can customize their own settings in My account settings.